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The Mission of the Nassau Academy of Medicine 
  • To establish, conduct, operate and maintain and Academy of Medicine to provide educational opportunities and training of a postgraduate nature for members of the medical profession in Nassau County.
  • To establish and maintain a medical library.
  • To diffuse among people knowledge of the achievements of scientific medicine.
  • The acquisition and maintenance of property with appropriate structures to carry out these purposes.
Resources & Services

Please note:  

The John N. Shell Library is closed effective May 1, 2005 for renovations and conversion to a virtual library.  

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The John N. Shell Library of the Nassau Academy of Medicine is one of the largest medical libraries on Long Island which offers access and services to both physicians and the public.  With over 1500 journal titles with hundreds of current subscriptions available both in print and on microfilm, the library hosts a collection of approximately 50,000 volumes.  The Library offers telephone references services, and computerized literature searches from the National Library of Medicine, DIALOG Information Services and other database services including:

  • MedLine
  • ToxLine
  • CancerLine
  • Health Planning
  • BioethicsLine
  • Biosis
  • Experta Medica
  • Pharmaceutical News Index
  • Science Citation Index
  • Clinical Abstracts

Searches may also include the legal, administrative, business and socioeconomic aspects of medicine.

The John N. Shell Library offers telephone reference services to our members.  Call 516-832-2300 ext. 25 for any information you might need.  Materials not available in our library will be borrowed from other libraries when possible.  Members receive free of charge, 25 pages of photocopying per year.  Copies in excess of 25 will be billed at $.20 per page.  The book collection circulates to member physicians only.

Officers for 2012


First Vice-President:
Second Vice-President:
E. John Pesiri, MD
Jodi Luchs, MD
Steven Rubin, MD
Greta M. Rainsford, MD
Craig Marcus, MD

Who are the Friends of The John N. Shell Library?

Please note:  

The John N. Shell Library is closed effective May 1, 2005 for renovations and conversion to a virtual library.  

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Friends of the John N. Shell Library is a non-profit association organized and dedicated to improving the public awareness of the services offered by the library and to develop financial support for the Library.

The Friends are concerned people and organizations who believe in the importance of providing health-related information to the lay public, students and health professionals.  They are dedicated people (like you) who promote the activities and enrich the resources of the John N. Shell Library.

Without your help, the Library cannot continue to provide the services it was created to provide.

How can I become a "Friend"?

We would appreciate your financial support.  Please consider these suggested contribution amounts:

Corporate Contributor: 


Golden Certificate Business Contributor: 500
Silver Certificate Business Contributor 250
Family Benefactor  750
Individual Benefactor 500
Contributor 250
Sponsor  100
Friend 50

Please make your tax-deductible contribution by check payable to:

"The Friends of the John N. Shell Library"

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