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Membership Dues & Information

Required dues are indicated in the upper right hand corner of your bill. AMA membership is strongly recommended.  Please see the special note regarding AMA membership on the reverse of this page. Recommended contributions are marked with an asterisk (*), and are explained below.

  • AMA - The American Medical Association is the country's leading advocate for physicians and their patients.
  • MSSNYPAC - Medical Society of the State of New York Political Action Committee (MSSNYPAC)
  • PHYSICIANS FUND - Physicians Fund (the political action committee of the Nassau County Medical Society). Your contribution will make you a 2011 sustaining member through which you can provide support to the election and re-election of those office seekers whose views are most consistent with those of the medical community. Please remit all payments to NASSAU COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY
  • AMA Foundation - Funds are used to support medical education.  Donations can be directed to the school of your choice either as unrestricted funds or to the student aid program.  Please note your instructions on the back of the dues bill.
  • PHY HOME (Physicians' Home) - Physicians' Home is not a physical structure, but a fund to support indigent physicians or their survivors.
  • MES (Medical, Educational and Scientific Foundation) - Charitable organization sponsored FOUNDATION by MSSNY to support such activities as the Committee for Physicians' Health (non-punitive intervention for impaired physicians), educational programs, the Milton Rosenberg, MD, Memorial Award, etc.  The MES Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.

PLEASE NOTE: You may be eligible for reduced dues


  • * Fully retired from any practice requiring a medical license, with 25 years of membership.
  • ** Part-time practitioner - (50% dues reduction), practicing fewer than 20 hour per week. (Copy of medical liability carrier declarations page required as proof).

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If you think you may have been billed at the wrong rate, please contact Ms. Jeanne Reilly at Nassau County Medical Society. 516-832-2300 ext 20.

Regarding AMA Membership

We urge all of our members to support the AMA, and ask that you pay your AMA dues through the Nassau County Medical Society.* This gives us an accurate record of your professional affiliations.

* We also receive commissions for the service we perform in billing for the AMA, and cash awards for increases in AMA membership. Those who pay AMA dues directly to Chicago are not counted as our members for these purposes. Paying your AMA dues through the county helps keep your state and local dues from increasing.

If you want to pay AMA dues separately for cash flow purposes, be assured that you can still pay local and national dues at different dates and we will accommodate you. As long as your AMA dues reach the county society by mid-February and/or MSSNY by the beginning of March, your AMA benefits will not be jeopardized.

Thank you.

If you are retired or over 65...

Please note the following AMA membership options and include the appropriate dues amount in your check (or a request for dues exempt membership):

Fully retired, over age 65 - dues exempt No dues
Fully retired, under age 65 $84
Working 1 to 20 hours per week to age 65 $210
Working 21 hours or more per week $420

Members who are retired and dues exempt do not receive AMA publications as a membership benefit. Those under 65 who are retired and pay $84 per year receive AMNews with membership.

Members in either category for retirees may subscribe to AMA publications at half the regular rates.

PLEASE NOTE: You must already be an AMA member in order to qualify for dues-exempt membership.

* Under federal tax law, the portion of dues paid to an association, which is attributable to lobbying by that association is non-deductible.

Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY)- the portion of the dues paid to MSSNY for the year 2011 that cannot be deducted as a business expense for federal income tax purposes is 40%.

American Medical Association (AMA) The portion of the dues paid to the AMA for the year 2008 that cannot be deducted as a business expense for federal income tax purposes is 50%.

Finally, no portion of any AMPAC, MSSNYPAC or Physicians Fund dues is deductible as a business expense or as a charitable contribution.

How to Obtain a Membership Application

Membership Applications are available from the Nassau County Medical Society by contacting Mrs. Jeanne Reilly at (516) 832-2300 ext. 20. We would be pleased to mail or fax you an application.

The Membership Application can be completed online by clicking on the link below:

Online NCMS Membership Application*
*Best viewed in Internet Explorer 7 or higher

The Membership Application can also be downloaded to your computer then viewed and printed as an Adobe Acrobat® file. Acrobat encapsulates all of the fonts and formatting functions that where used when creating a document enabling it to be sent quickly over the internet as a Portable Document File (PDF). Once the PDF file has been received on your computer you can use the Acrobat Reader program to view and print the forms on your printer.

If you already have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, then you may download a form immediately by clicking on the name of the form above. The PDF file sizes are relatively small and will take only a few minutes to download, depending upon your modem and connection speed. When the file transfer is complete just click on the filename to launch Acrobat Reader and open the form.

If you do not have a copy of Acrobat Reader you can get one for free by clicking on the icon 'Get Acrobat® Reader'. This will take you to Adobe's website and enable you to download the Acrobat program to your computer.

Download NCMS Membership Application

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